Accountability Lab

The Accountability Lab catalyzes a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders around the world. We train, mentor, and resource local changemakers to strengthen systems of accountability and unleash positive social and economic change.
Location: Washington , D.C.
Year founded: 2012


Corruption and lack of accountability lie at the heart of many development issues including poverty, insecurity, and public service access. The lack of legitimacy and affordability of government services distorts accessibility of public resources. The distribution of wealth becomes increasingly unequal, and the poverty index rises.

Accountability Lab has been working on these issues over the past three years with thousands of citizens in Liberia, Nepal and Pakistan. Through our research and experience on the ground, we have identified three problems central to tackling these issues. First, support for accountability efforts tends to be short-term and driven by available funding streams, meaning initiatives often lack sustainability and ownership. Secondly, there is rarely incentive to try new, innovative approaches to accountability from the ground up, which leads to a repetition of projects that have little impact. Finally, not nearly enough effort is given to support an accountability “eco-system” so the chance to transform individual projects into a larger movement is often lost. Accountability Lab was started to address this gap, in order to strike at the root of systemic corruption issues that reinforce poverty and inequality. The Lab is uniquely positioned to fill this gap through catalytic support for creative accountability efforts by youth.

Through our flagship Accountability Incubator, we provide training, mentorship, networking, and seed funding for the development of low-cost, high-impact ideas for positive change. By enabling local citizens to hold people in positions of power accountable, Accountability Lab is finding innovative ways to unlock the rich potential for political and economic development.

We aim to empower citizens to build creative tools for integrity and anti-corruption in their communities.

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