Jewish Community Council of Washington Heights

Food. Shelter. Meds. These are all 'basic' needs that we take for granted. But for many members of our community, it's a constant struggle, choice, and balancing act to make ends meet. The JCCWHI is here to provide support so that these needs are met, with a smile and with dignity, in confidence.

Location: Washington Heights & Inwood , New York
Year founded: 1979


The JCCWHI is here, in the heart of our neighborhood, to provide support so that community residents' needs are met, with a smile and with dignity, in confidence. Some of our programs are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Jewish community, such a shabbat meals delivered to homebound seniors each Friday, and others meet the needs of everyone like our food pantry and our eviction-prevention services.

While we come across funding opportunities for specific programs, obtaining general operating support is a much rarer opportunity. Our programs and services are vital, but we cannot run them without meeting this agency's needs as well, such as utilities, mailings and marketing, office supplies, and paying our rent!


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