A New Way

The promotion/fostering of equality, tolerance, and mutual respect between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel, through meaningful, long-term, intercultural experience.

Location: Ramat Hasharon
Year founded: 1998


A New Way, founded in 1998, is a grassroots non-profit organization that brings together Israeli Jewish and Arab children and youth through the education system, while drawing in the entire community - parents (especially women), teachers, principals, municipalities and community volunteers - altogether 4600 people every year - offering a holistic, innovative and comprehensive approach for promoting mutual respect and cooperation and counteracting discriminatory attitudes, while instilling values of democracy, peace and coexistence.

The Leadership in a Multicultural Society program is a comprehensive program implemented in schools within separated Jewish and Arab communities as well as communities with ethnically mixed populations. The participants engage in multicultural encounters and activities that clearly benefit both- Arab and Jews - while focusing on common interest in order to reach common goals and solve shared problems. At the same time, the project is dedicated to cultivating leadership skills and community involvement, while enhancing the participants' self-assertiveness and self-esteem in order to establish a strong foundation for growth and change in the youth generation.

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