Ancient Song Doula Services

Our primary focus is women of color, low income families, and immigrant families offering them culturally relevant reproductive health care services. Through offering Full Spectrum care we address the various social determents that can effect access to quality care.
Location: Brooklyn


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Ya Sister, My Sister Collective


Seeks to offer young women and girls of color a safe space to learn about their bodies, well person care, reproductive health, and advocacy. Through our program the girls are taught leadership and social justice skills in order to address the various issues that come up in their lives. Over the course of eight weeks they are guided and then charged with the creating a campaign that specifically addresses the concerns they have within the Brooklyn community.

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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

The mission is to empower young girls with the tools needed to advocate for themselves and effectively take the social issues that are relevant to them today. Through mentorship and leadership training they will set forth the landscape of social change to bring teen voices to the table to effectively tackle social injustices.

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Program Description

Ancient Song Doula Services mission is to offer all women regardless of their socio-economic standing quality Doula Care and empower young mothers to make healthy choices in their lives. Ancient Song is committed to the lowering of the Infant Mortality Rate by changing the way mothers view birthing, Advocating on behalf of all mothers, and challenging the current healthcare systems quality of care regardless of ones socio-economic standing.

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Demonstrated Need

Appalling racial disparities in maternal mortality have persisted for decades. New York City racial disparities are notably worse than those nationwide: African American women in New York City are more than twelve times more likely to suffer a pregnancy-related death than white women. Other women of color in New York City also face greater risks than white women, with the pregnancy related mortality ratio more than twice as high for Hispanic and Asian/Pacific Islander women than that for non-Hispanic white women (19.1 and 17.5, respectively, vs. 8.6 per 100,000 live births). By offering our young women the tools and leadership skills to talk about reproductive health early we are arming them to take a stance against the high infant and maternal rate.

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Program Accomplishments

  • In 2015, we were able to serve 254 women of color through their reproductive health choices.
  • 2014 we were awarded a grant from Every Mother Counts to address health disparities within NYC to women of color, low income families, and immigrant families.
  • 2014 & 2015 awarded a grant from the Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery to address food justice work in our pregnancy kitchen offered free of charge to women of color and low income communities.

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How do you measure the success of your program?

We plan to measure by retention within the program based on the number of teens reached by the end of the campaign, number of recruits, using a pre and post survey to determine their level of experience around reproductive health issues. Also, through photos and videos to demonstrate the work being done by our teen leaders.

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