HEKDESH Tzedakah Learning Pod: Year 1

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Inspired Tzedakah – Year 1

You, the Tzedakah’ist – Year 1, Session 1 – Getting to know each other and ourselves as givers. How does your personal and family history affect your tzedakah actions and decisions? How do assumptions and stereotypes about giving play a role?

What and How Much Do I Give? – Year 1, Session 2 – What are your motivations for giving? How much is the “right” amount to give, and from where should the money come? How do taxes factor in?

How Might My Giving Transform Me? – Year 1, Session 3 – How can tzedakah help you grow personally or help transform experiences of suffering or loss? How can a tzedakah practice help meet your spiritual needs?

To Whom and Where Do I Give? – Year 1, Session 4 – Is tzedakah an opportunity for expression of our deepest values? Or an obligation to care for those in need? What are helpful models and perspectives for prioritizing among equally worthy organizations/causes?

Creating a Tzedakah Plan – Year 1, Session 5 – How can we best align our desires and our actual practice of tzedakah? Includes time to “workshop” our tzedakah plans for the year.


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